New York 2017

At the end of January, Jono and I went to New York for a bit of a break! It was the first time going to NYC for the both of us! It wasnt my first time in the states as I have family in LA and went to visit them when I was younger but I can’t really remember that trip.. so it was great to go to USA with someone to explore and have fun with!

I think for this trip we didn’t have heaps of things planned but we highlighted the places we wanted to go and then explored those particular areas! I love loved NYC so much! The food was so good, the places we went to were really interesting and the night life was amazing! I did find it way more multicultural compared to Sydney but to be honest I found the people there to be less hospitable. I love making new friends and I kind of found it a bit difficult to meet new people there. In our last week in NYC we did meet a couple of girls who introduced us to their friends and invited us to join them which made the trip super duper enjoyable!

I was so so excited to also catchup with my friend Naia who is from NYC and who I’d met two years ago in Japan! It was the first time seeing her since my Japan trip and it was amazing to catchup and party together during the weekends that we were there! I snapchatted nonstop I must admit and tried to take photos but I think I was just so caught up in the city that I didn’t really take as many photos as I thought I did hahaha. Jono also brought his camera and his photos are AMAZING! I can’t wait to print some of them out and put them in a photo album (which I alwayyss say I want to do but I still haven’t done it yet!)

Our trip mainly focused on exploring NYC’s many museums and art galleries! Some included The New Museum, The Met (which was ridiculously massive and was not able to be explored in its entirety due to its vastness!), The Museum of Modern Art, The American Museum of Natural History, The Museum of Sex (Yup thats not a typo hahah), MoMa Ps1 and a few others that I cant remember off the top of my head. We also shopped ALOT and I bought so much makeup that I’m pretty sure I’m set for about 10 years! We bought alot of clothes, checked out Barneys and Nordstrom. We also checked out many stores that we don’t have in Sydney such as Kith, Supreme, Noah and Madewell. It was an endless trip of eating and shopping and exploring!

Our time there went by SOOOO quickly but I am super glad we made that trip! Here are a couple of photos that I took during it!

I loved the architecture that was present around the city!

There is a pretty complex subway system in NYC! One disadvantage to this I think is the fact that there are no indicator boards on the platform to tell you when the next train is coming and what stops it goes to… so you have to basically rely on your phone. LUCKILY when we went they had just installed wifi in the subway as we didn’t have a USA sim card and it helped ALOT.

If you ever get a chance to eat from the a halal street cart, DO IT! order the chicken and rice that our friend Melody recommended to us! It’s basically an NYC version of a halal snack pack!

Jono and I were also super lucky to experience a snow day on our second last day there! We were at the Museum of Natural History at the time and when we stepped out IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! It was literally a winter wonderland! Everything you picture out of a christmas card!

The OG tourist destinations!

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