japan last february

Can’t believe that it’s actually been a whole year since I’ve been back to japan. I really miss it. I miss the food, miss the people (especially one of my friends who is currently living there), miss the picturesque streets and shops, miss the cute cafes just the overall feeling of japan. Hoping that I can go back soon! My boyfriend Jono actually found some really cheap flights but unfortunately I have placement and hospital and won’t be able to get the time off! In the mean time, here are some photos that he took of Japan! For more of his amazing work you can checkout his website!



These two photos were taken when Jono and I went to the Cat Island called ‘Ainoshima’. I think there were roughly about 50+ cats (perhaps more since we didn’t explore the WHOLE island) but they were super friendly! We were able to pat them and we took heaps of photos!


The all too famous Tsukiji fish market! This was our second time going here and we tried to wake up earlier for it than we did last time (last time we got there about 3 or 4pm and everything was basically closing or already shut) so this time we got there at about 8:00am. Unfortunately there is now this new rule that foreigners are not allowed into the markets to take photos before 9am so we had to wait outside.






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  • http://www.cindyhyue.com Cindy

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been itching to go back to Japan and plans for visiting last year fell through. But I’m hoping I will get the chance to visit in the next year or two as I’m particularly looking forward to trying the food. Not gonna lie, I was super drawn in to this post by the little critters and cats – so adorable!

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com