In the midst of my first nursing semester of 2016… and with exams looming and multiple assessments to submit.. what better time than now to take a day trip to Bundeena and check out Wedding Cake Rock. Or as I like to call it “Tofu Rock” because it actually looks to me more like a Tofu than a wedding cake…

And thats just what we did! My four uni friends and I skipped lectures and decided to have brunch and drive to Bundeena. I’ve never been there before but a few of my friends have so I’m pretty late to the bandwagon. I remember when it was ‘THE’ place to explore last year and in 2014… How crazy to think its been two years since then. HOW CAN TIME GO BY SO QUICKLY!?




The drive only took about an hour or so from my friend Lisa’s house and the walk to the rock and back took about an hour each way. It wasn’t a very strenuous walk but it was very beautiful… you get a wonderful view of the Bundeena cliffs.. We brought some food with us (cheesecake, apples, chips) and had a mini picnic on the cliffs which was nice and I felt like we got to know each other a bit more and got to catch up properly since we all just finished 8 weeks of placement and hadn’t really seen each other in a while.

Unfortunately the actual Wedding Cake Rock was closed off and while I knew that there were going to be tall metal barricades surrounding it because it’s become unsteady, we werent prepared to see so many workers and park rangers patrolling. Once we got to the actual rock though we realised why… because they were actually cementing in a fence that surrounds the rock. It’s actually not as high as the temporary fencing but its more sturdy and permanent. There was a sign there that said that the council was planning on building a viewing platform but then who knows when that will happen?

One of my other friends Chris actually brought his GoPro along so he actually made a video for us! He has a talent of creating videos and has made quite a number of them whenever he goes travelling overseas. I can’t stop watching it and the song gets stuck in my head super duper easily!

Other places I’d love to explore would be the Figure 8 Pools and more around the Blue Mountains. Have any of you guys hiked to anywhere interesting?

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  • http://justjemini.blogspot.co.uk/ Jemini Wong

    I hardly hike because it’s always either raining or cold in the UK haha. I’m so jealous of you being able to visit all of these beautiful places! Love the Gopro vid too!

    P.s. Just followed you on Bloglovin because you give me major travel envy haha πŸ˜‰ xx


    • http://waterlemons.net Susy M

      aaww sad to hear that it rains alot where you are!
      Thankyou for following me Jemini! πŸ˜€

  • Yuka Suzuki

    I’ve been dying to visit wedding cake rock but it’s such a shame they barricaded it! My Friend visited the 8 pools and it looked SO gorgeous but I never have time to just go around Sydney and explore. Every holiday I spend the entire time back home in Singapore. Next summer Erdal might come over to Sydney. Might rent a car and just road trip around! πŸ™‚ you and your Boyfriend are welcome to join! Haha! xxxx hugs


    • http://waterlemons.net Susy M

      Omgosh i really want to go to the figure 8 pools toooo but it’s so cold now and I’m kind of scared of the high tide….
      Thats so exciting Erdal might come to Sydney! You should definitely go hiking when he comes around and explore heaps more of Australia! That would be amazing if my boyfriend and I could join too!! Goodluck for your exams!!! When do you finish exams by the way? Can we organise a meetup before you go back to Singapore? xxxx

  • http://deluminators.blogspot.com/ Jane

    I actually haven’t been here yet! The Royal National Park is reasonably close to my end of town but I haven’t explored it much. Should do that when mid-year break comes around!

    • http://waterlemons.net Susy M

      oh really? its an amazing place to hike! definitely go there during a weekday because theres hardly anybody there during the day. Make sure to wear a jacket though because the weathers gone wayyy colder now πŸ™