my dressing table

So I think I’ve only started getting into makeup a bit more over the past two years or so. I never really wore makeup in high school (maybe some powder or mascara? I can’t even remember) but I had no idea about eyeliner or contouring and nothing about eyeshadow. Being part of a facebook group that raves on about makeup has helped alot hahaha

Currently I stay over at my boyfriends place most of the week and the majority of my skin care products and makeup are at my boyfriends place now.. I sometimes feel like its slightly annoying to carry products to and fro but I mostly have double of things now. Previously I never really had anywhere to put my makeup except for the bathroom cupboard but I found this cute little table that my boyfriends dad didn’t really want to I converted it into a mini dressing table! Please keep reading if you’d like to see what I have displayed!

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new makeup brushes

I ordered these brushes a couple of weeks ago and they’re finally here! I don’t own many makeup brushes. I think it also encourages me to use makeup more because I feel more encouraged to use them! I bought my first set of brushes a year ago. Thats right, you heard me. A YEAR AGO. Previously I was using my fingers to apply my makeup because I felt it was just easier to do. I think i’ve realised since then that brushes do help with application because it means I can spread out product more evenly and I’m not transferring bacteria from my fingers to my face. I think applying makeup to my face with my fingers previously also encouraged pimples and since I’ve used brushes, my skin problems have decreased dramatically!

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