valentines day 2016

My boyfriend Jono and I have kind of made it a tradition to spend valentines day together at home. I admit I do love eating out theres no question about that.. but I think as time as gone by I feel like valentines day is overrated… I’m not even sure if i’m using ‘over rated’ correctly. I do love the idea that people appreciate their significant other alot more on this particular day, however it gets me thinking about why people don’t show their love like this on normal days when it isn’t valentines day? Roses and flowers are about triple the price, you need to book weeks and possibly months ahead for restaurants and perhaps you need to buy a special gift. Maybe I’ve just become old and boring or something but I don’t think I really like the idea of my boyfriend spending tens or even hundreds of dollars to please me on one particular day. I think I am just happier spending my valentines day at home.

For the past three valentines day Jono and I have spent it together. Excluding our first valentines day in 2013 when we were in Singapore, for the past two he’s always cooked me dinner. This year was no different! Jono is a pretty busy guy. I know he works INCREDIBLY hard. Along with his five day a week full time job (where he leaves the house at 7:45am and gets home at 7:45pm), he also helps his father at a plant stall in Kings Cross on Saturdays. SO basically his only one day off is the Sunday. That is the day where he tries to fit in things that he wants to do. It’s not always easy to do that what with family commitments and trying to spend time with me as he’s a pretty DIY person. He loves making things and building things and never wants to waste a single minute of a day. This is why I really truly appreciate all the time and effort he put into choosing what food he wanted to cook, having to go out early to buy it all in between going to work and going to the gym and going to work on saturday and overall making sunday a really really fun day!

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My partner (Jono) and I love food.. and with that we LOVE to cook. Recently we havn’t cooked as much as I would have liked but I’m sure over the next few weeks we will get back into the swing of things! Jono has collected quite a few cooking books over the years and we’ve tried to cook from every one of them! I think my favourite cooking books include “Asian after work” by Adam Liaw, “Plenty” and “Jerusalem” by Yotam Ottolenghi. I don’t think we really stick to a particular cuisine but I think i’ve been able to try heaps of different food just be cooking it ourselves rather than eating out and spending heaps of money. YAY FOR SAVING! Anyway, here are a couple of photos of things we have cooked together! I’m sure in the future I’ll post more detailed accounts of our cooking adventures 😛

lions head

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