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So I think I’ve only started getting into makeup a bit more over the past two years or so. I never really wore makeup in high school (maybe some powder or mascara? I can’t even remember) but I had no idea about eyeliner or contouring and nothing about eyeshadow. Being part of a facebook group that raves on about makeup has helped alot hahaha

Currently I stay over at my boyfriends place most of the week and the majority of my skin care products and makeup are at my boyfriends place now.. I sometimes feel like its slightly annoying to carry products to and fro but I mostly have double of things now. Previously I never really had anywhere to put my makeup except for the bathroom cupboard but I found this cute little table that my boyfriends dad didn’t really want to I converted it into a mini dressing table! Please keep reading if you’d like to see what I have displayed!

It’s gone through many revision stages of me moving things around and rearranging my products here and there but I like what it looks like now! It’s nothing like other girls’ makeup collection (I’m sure there are girls out there who have drawers and drawers of makeup) but I do like the amount of makeup I have currently because I do use most of it quite frequently.



This is what it first looked look when I got it! Jono is very into plants as he and his dad own a plant stall and sell plants at the markets.. I wish I could have kept a plant or so on the table but it’s just so small I don’t really have room now.


I bought this plate from INCU a while ago and I used it to display my jewellry for a while but then felt it took up too much space so I upgraded…


to a marble cake stand I bought from kmart!! hahaha I love it so much. Its got a large surface area so I can fit all my necessities!


Here is what my table looks like currently! From this view point it DOES look messy but I assure you it looks very neat and organised in person!


I forgot where I got my brush holder from but its ceramic and reminds me of marble.. My brushes are either JESSUP or from ALIEXPRESS. I don’t own any branded brushes because I can’t afford it at the moment and these do such an amazing job! I have two shades of Estee Lauder double wear because I tan quite easily so its a bit difficult to match my skin tone. I LOVE double wear because it’s the only foundation I’ve found so far that doesn’t slide off my oily face! The “See by Chloe” perfume I received from my two best friends when I graduated!


The acrylic holder for my lipsticks and sunnies I bought from MUJI! I looveee that store! I also have a 5 drawer acrylic organiser I bought from MUJI when I was in Japan but that’s at my parents place. I’m thinking of transferring it across to here though.


On the top I have my miniature perfume and “Chloe” by Chloe perfume that my boyfriend bought me a while ago!


I’d love to see everyone elses makeup organisation! Link me in the comments if you guys have blogged about it!

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  • Yuka Suzuki

    You’re so Organised I’m so jealous! I’m going to get one of those storage things from Muji – you’ve inspired me, hahah! xxx P.S I’ve been busy with mid semester exams – how about you? Do you have any this semesters? Hope you’re doing great hugs xx

    • Susy M

      I think since moving in with my boyfriend I’m trying to be more organised Haahah yess storage at muji is so good!! I currently don’t have mid semi exams just a lot of assignments πŸ™ I think I have one due every week now til the end of semester! I’m sure you can ace all those exams!!! πŸ˜€ we should hang out in person soooonn! Would be amazing to meet you!

      • Yuka Suzuki

        Yesss! lets meet up for brunch or something sometime πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Jennifer Hua

    i can’t believe how long it took me to finally catch up and get reading with this beautiful post. I remember when you told me you had this up (on insta) I had a quick sneak peek at it and it is so lovely.

    Aw, I was the same when I use to have to visit my boyfriend before we moved in together. It was always such a faff to bring all my skincare or makeup with me so I started having my own bedside table for a few of my own things. Ahh brings back so many memories and I miss those times, although living together it SO much better it is a faint memory that I do reminisce.

    I love what you’ve done with your boyfriend’s dads table, how nice of him to give it to you it is absolutely stunning! You could do endless things with it, even paint it later on or keep its natural nature. I love all the plates you use for storage, I have a few marble boards/trays I love storing things in. It’s strange how you can place a few items within a plate/tray and it can look so much neater. Which by the way, I was in kmart the other day and was quite tempted to pick up one of those marble cake stands too, but the ones they had had chips within it πŸ™ but kmart seriously do such lovely items. I’ve found so many beautiful pieces from them.

    That ceramic cup you store you brushes in looks so lovely, I love ceramic looking piece gives it such a beautiful vibe. I would love to see everything in that little drawer and what you use in there! πŸ™‚

    Thank you for sharing! xx

    Jennifer | Amour JNFR