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hmmmm what have I been up to recently? I feel like since my last post I haven’t really updated my blog as much as I’ve wanted to. This past week has been a mixture of Nursing placements and work. Having an afternoon shift for most days hasn’t helped either since that means I’m unable to meet up with people for dinner at night.

Last weekend I went to get my hair done! I’m wanting to try something new with my hair so I’m slowly getting it lightened. In the end I do want to try and get all my hair lightened but I’m slowly working my way up. I went to a hairdressers called “Studio B Hair Design” which is located in Cronulla. My best friend Nicolle was sweet enough to drive us there and she sat with me through the entire process (Have I got an amazing best friend or what!? I owe her big time!) I’ve been following them for a while on instagram and loved their work so I decided to give it a shot! I had to book almost 2 months in advance though because of how busy they get!

Here is a before and after shot!


so previously my hair was very long and quite orange/yellow. I had tried toning it previously and I use purple shampoo but it just didn’t turn into the colour I wanted.


and here is an after shot with my bestie! I got about 10cm of hair cut off but there is still quite a bit of length!
I’m super happy with the outcome! I’ll probably go back there soon to get it toned or to get my blonde higher up.
On the saturday it was also my friends 26th birthday! We went to El Loco at Surry Hills, had some Tacos, went to Tios for a couple of drinks (and where you can get free drinks if you show your boobs/take off your bra) and then went drunk karaoke! It was a pretty funny night and I met quite a number of new people which made it even more fun! Unfortunately I didn’t really take any photos that night but it was definitely one to remember!

Jono and I also bought the cutest bed sheets last weekend! We have an obssession for cats so these suited us completely.


I think Toby really likes them too!


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  • Yuka Suzuki

    I love how your hair turned out! If you don’t mind me asking – how much did that cost you? I’m also planning on doing my hair so maybe I’ll go check out that place as well but I have yet to fully decide what I want to do! But your hair looks so healthy I’m so surprised :)Hope all your nursing and uni has been treating you well xx

    • Susy M

      sorry for replying so late !
      it was actually quite expensive ahaha
      i saw that you got a haircut recently! short hair suits you so much!! πŸ˜€
      I got a hair treatment when i got my hair done too and they used olaplex which makes my hair soooo smooth and soft!

  • PutAllOnMe

    You and your bestie both look so stunning! #GirlPower πŸ™‚
    Love your ”new” hair it is definitely an amazing change and the color is totally summer ready!

    • Susy M

      aw thankyou so much! haha unfurtunately its going into winter here now πŸ™

  • Winnie

    Your hair is gorgeous! The selfie with your best friend is lovely too – she has lovely coloured hair as well. I really want a haircut now too!

    • Susy M

      thanks so much! πŸ˜€ my bestie nicolle used temporary dye to do the pink sections!

  • Kirsty Halliwell

    Your blog is AMAZING, I keep finding amazing themes but yours is by far my fave! P.s. you are so pretty, and those bed sheets are adorable!

    kirsty @

    • Susy M

      Hi Kirsty! Thankyou so much for visiting! awww you’ve made my day!!
      haha ye I love those bedsheets too! I can’t bare to change them hahaha

  • Jennifer Hua

    aww, I hope your work placements have been going well. Nursing can be quite difficult especially with it constantly changing, my friend use to tell me all about her placements and what she had to go through and it all sounds pretty full on.

    I love your new hair, the extra blonde and curls look really lovely, and you and your bestie both look so pretty!

    those bed sheets are super cute, and so is your cat toby! Great to know what you’ve been up to lately, sometimes its difficult to keep up with everything from catch ups with friends or even blogging itself.

    Jennifer | Amour JNFR

    • Susy M

      Thanks jennifer! Hahaha can’t believe you commented on so many of my posts! thankyou!
      Ye nursing placement has been a really interesting experience and I’m enjoying it alot!

      I really like the colour of my hair too.. I’m thinking of getting the blonde higher up but not sure if i”m willing to commit to it yet hahaha

      Do you have any pets? I’ve had Toby for about 4 years now! so in human years he’s actually 28 years old! So true that with people living their busy lives it’s hard to actually catch up with people properly. I think blogging is a really good avenue to condense everything into a post and express how you feel about your day/week.
      Thankyou so much for reading Jennifer!