My partner (Jono) and I love food.. and with that we LOVE to cook. Recently we havn’t cooked as much as I would have liked but I’m sure over the next few weeks we will get back into the swing of things! Jono has collected quite a few cooking books over the years and we’ve tried to cook from every one of them! I think my favourite cooking books include “Asian after work” by Adam Liaw, “Plenty” and “Jerusalem” by Yotam Ottolenghi. I don’t think we really stick to a particular cuisine but I think i’ve been able to try heaps of different food just be cooking it ourselves rather than eating out and spending heaps of money. YAY FOR SAVING! Anyway, here are a couple of photos of things we have cooked together! I’m sure in the future I’ll post more detailed accounts of our cooking adventures 😛

lions head

vege ratatouille

prawn pasta

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