New York 2017

At the end of January, Jono and I went to New York for a bit of a break! It was the first time going to NYC for the both of us! It wasnt my first time in the states as I have family in LA and went to visit them when I was younger but I can’t really remember that trip.. so it was great to go to USA with someone to explore and have fun with!

I think for this trip we didn’t have heaps of things planned but we highlighted the places we wanted to go and then explored those particular areas! I love loved NYC so much! The food was so good, the places we went to were really interesting and the night life was amazing! I did find it way more multicultural compared to Sydney but to be honest I found the people there to be less hospitable. I love making new friends and I kind of found it a bit difficult to meet new people there. In our last week in NYC we did meet a couple of girls who introduced us to their friends and invited us to join them which made the trip super duper enjoyable!

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In the midst of my first nursing semester of 2016… and with exams looming and multiple assessments to submit.. what better time than now to take a day trip to Bundeena and check out Wedding Cake Rock. Or as I like to call it “Tofu Rock” because it actually looks to me more like a Tofu than a wedding cake…

And thats just what we did! My four uni friends and I skipped lectures and decided to have brunch and drive to Bundeena. I’ve never been there before but a few of my friends have so I’m pretty late to the bandwagon. I remember when it was ‘THE’ place to explore last year and in 2014… How crazy to think its been two years since then. HOW CAN TIME GO BY SO QUICKLY!?


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Hobart, Tasmania

After we left Melbourne on the 23rd we flew straight to Tasmania! I’ve never been to Tasmania before. It’s funny how I love to travel but I’ve never even properly explored my own Australian backyard but I’ve been to countries overseas! It was nice for a change to go somewhere that was reasonably close and had a very short flight time!

We arrived there on the Saturday morning and instantly realized that we hadn’t hired a car. How on earth were we going to get to our hotel or explore Hobart if we didn’t even have a way to drive around!? Luckily there were a few cars that we could book online… but all the deals were basically gone so we just got whatever we could get hahaha.

That day we missed the Salamanca markets because out flight arrived at 2 and the markets close at 3…Its the biggest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere (I think) I really wanted to check out the stalls! Oh well, next time I go to Hobart I’ll be sure to check it out!

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My Melbourne Trip

So over the Anzac day Long weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to go on a trip to Melbourne! The last time I went was about 5 years ago so I don’t really remember much of it but was super excited to go again!

What we were both really looking forward to was Ai Wei Wei and Andy Warhol’s exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria! It was going to finish in the 26th if April so we luckily got there in time! We caught a plane from Sydney wednesday night after work, stayed for a couple of days and then flew to Tasmania! (which I’ll write about in a separate post!)

The exhibition was amazzzinngg! I loved it so much! We also checked out another art gallery, ate heaps of food at Heston Blumenthal’s “Dinner” restaurant (so sad we missed the Fat Duck but I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have even gotten a table there seeing as you had to enter a raffle haha), went shopping and explored Brunswick, visited a few record stores (where I found out Prince passed away!!) and generally just had a really relaxing time! It was a really nice getaway .. it felt like I was overseas even though we weren’t!

Here are a few photos from our trip!
I hope to print out quite a few of them and make a photo album! (I’ve been meaning to make one for aggesssss but just havn’t had the time to/am too lazy to)


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guilin, china

Thought I’d blog about the tour I went on during my time in China in January! Can’t believe its only been two months since I’ve been overseas but it actually feels alot longer! My mother LOVES day trips and travelling and exploring new places.. so whenever we go back to China to see relatives my mum always squeezes in a couple of days to go on a tour. I remember the previous tour I went to with my mum was back in 2012 where we went on a tour through Beijing. Apparently I went there when I was a small baby but obviously hadn’t remembered anything of it so it was great to go and explore the capital! This time round my mum decided to go to a place called Guilin.

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Hunter Valley

Over the weekend a couple of friends and I decided to go to Hunter Valley for my friend Michelle’s birthday! She turned 25 this year so she decided to do something fun and different! I’ve known Michelle now for about five years now and I think we have gotten to know each other pretty well! I think as a group, all the girls in it have been through highs and lows together so it was a great chance to get away from the city and hangout, relax, celebrate and catchup!

We stayed in the Hunter for two nights and went to various wineries and restaurants! I’m pretty sure all of us were looking forward to eating at Muse Restaurant after hearing from our friend Lily what a fantastic experience it was when she went last. The birthday girl lovvedd the food and we took quite a number of photos there before we left!

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cat island, ainoshima – japan

I had a blog post previously about how my day trip to the cat island in Japan but it got deleted when my domain expired 🙁

So I’ve decided to write up another one! The cat island that Jono and I went to last year was situated near Fukuoka, Japan. It was our second time in Japan and we decided to explore an area we had never been before. I’m not sure why we decided to go to Fukuoka but I think one of the main things that drew us there was the fact that apparently there were alot of street food stalls there. AKA ‘Yatai’

If I remember correctly we flew into Osaka and then caught a bullet train to Fukuoka. We had calculated before we went to Japan that it would take roughly five hours to get there.. and because we knew we would be going to different places in Japan we got a Japan Rail Pass before hand. This post by Rachel was basically the guide I followed to get to the island. I think maybe one or two things changed on the bus timetable but overall it was a very useful guide! There is another cat island that is more popular so be aware that this is alot more quieter than the other cat island Tashirojima.

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japan last february

Can’t believe that it’s actually been a whole year since I’ve been back to japan. I really miss it. I miss the food, miss the people (especially one of my friends who is currently living there), miss the picturesque streets and shops, miss the cute cafes just the overall feeling of japan. Hoping that I can go back soon! My boyfriend Jono actually found some really cheap flights but unfortunately I have placement and hospital and won’t be able to get the time off! In the mean time, here are some photos that he took of Japan! For more of his amazing work you can checkout his website!

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guangzhou, china

Most of my family on my mothers side are living and are from Guangzhou, China. For those of you who don’t know where that is it is the third largest city in China and is located in the South. People mainly speak “Guangdong hua” aka Cantonese. I can’t speak it unfortunately haha. My mother and all her family can but I think I was brought up speaking mandarin so that is what I’m most fluent in. Luckily they can speak mandarin too! I can speak a little bit of cantonese and can understand a little but it’s not great and I can hardly make conversation.

Anyway so my mum and I travelled to China on boxing day and I came back on the 10th of January. My mum decided to stay a bit longer to spend more time with her family which was nice. I actually really enjoy going back to China to see family. I don’t really see many people my age travelling there though. not sure why? I always see people going to Hong Kong and other SEA countries. I like going back to China because I actually feel like I’m ‘going home’ even though I never grew up there. I really like exploring the area where my family lives and eating all of the yummy food and shopping! Deep down inside I am still a cheap asian.

The first week or so was spent mainly catching up with family and going out with them.. I hadn’t seen them in about three years so it was wonderful to catch up with them again. Some aunties had moved places, one of my cousin had had a child (HE WAS SO CUTE). I really hope I can go back again soon! Here are some photos I took!


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