newgraduate position and nursing ball

Can’t believe I havn’t updated my blog in so long! I’ve had so many things going on in my life lately and I just havn’t had the chance to do things that I enjoy.. however I’m on my last legs of my nursing degree so I can’t wait to have more time to go out on road trips, go to the beach, do more art and craft things and update everyone on what I’ve been up to!

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nursing diary: from teacher to student nurse.

So if you may or may not know, Im currently studying a Master in Nursing. It’s a two year course and I’m currently in my second and final year. I think reflection is a big part of nursing .. reflecting on practice and reflecting on yourself.. so I’m going to take the time (maybe this will be an ongoing process.. who knows?) to blog about how I decided to change and study nursing, why I enjoy it so much and hopefully how I’m going in the clinical setting! Fingers crossed will be me next year.

warning: I wrote a lot!

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