cat island, ainoshima – japan

I had a blog post previously about how my day trip to the cat island in Japan but it got deleted when my domain expired 🙁

So I’ve decided to write up another one! The cat island that Jono and I went to last year was situated near Fukuoka, Japan. It was our second time in Japan and we decided to explore an area we had never been before. I’m not sure why we decided to go to Fukuoka but I think one of the main things that drew us there was the fact that apparently there were alot of street food stalls there. AKA ‘Yatai’

If I remember correctly we flew into Osaka and then caught a bullet train to Fukuoka. We had calculated before we went to Japan that it would take roughly five hours to get there.. and because we knew we would be going to different places in Japan we got a Japan Rail Pass before hand. This post by Rachel was basically the guide I followed to get to the island. I think maybe one or two things changed on the bus timetable but overall it was a very useful guide! There is another cat island that is more popular so be aware that this is alot more quieter than the other cat island Tashirojima.

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