guilin, china

Thought I’d blog about the tour I went on during my time in China in January! Can’t believe its only been two months since I’ve been overseas but it actually feels alot longer! My mother LOVES day trips and travelling and exploring new places.. so whenever we go back to China to see relatives my mum always squeezes in a couple of days to go on a tour. I remember the previous tour I went to with my mum was back in 2012 where we went on a tour through Beijing. Apparently I went there when I was a small baby but obviously hadn’t remembered anything of it so it was great to go and explore the capital! This time round my mum decided to go to a place called Guilin.

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guangzhou, china

Most of my family on my mothers side are living and are from Guangzhou, China. For those of you who don’t know where that is it is the third largest city in China and is located in the South. People mainly speak “Guangdong hua” aka Cantonese. I can’t speak it unfortunately haha. My mother and all her family can but I think I was brought up speaking mandarin so that is what I’m most fluent in. Luckily they can speak mandarin too! I can speak a little bit of cantonese and can understand a little but it’s not great and I can hardly make conversation.

Anyway so my mum and I travelled to China on boxing day and I came back on the 10th of January. My mum decided to stay a bit longer to spend more time with her family which was nice. I actually really enjoy going back to China to see family. I don’t really see many people my age travelling there though. not sure why? I always see people going to Hong Kong and other SEA countries. I like going back to China because I actually feel like I’m ‘going home’ even though I never grew up there. I really like exploring the area where my family lives and eating all of the yummy food and shopping! Deep down inside I am still a cheap asian.

The first week or so was spent mainly catching up with family and going out with them.. I hadn’t seen them in about three years so it was wonderful to catch up with them again. Some aunties had moved places, one of my cousin had had a child (HE WAS SO CUTE). I really hope I can go back again soon! Here are some photos I took!


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