My 25th Birthday

On July 9 it was my birthday and I turned 25! I say this every year but I really am surprised with how fast time goes by. This year I decided to have a birthday lunch at Jono’s place! I set up some tables outside and cooked quite a bit of food. I invited my friends to celebrate with me and I think it went quite well. I don’t have many photos from that day but I’ve got the memories!

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Hunter Valley

Over the weekend a couple of friends and I decided to go to Hunter Valley for my friend Michelle’s birthday! She turned 25 this year so she decided to do something fun and different! I’ve known Michelle now for about five years now and I think we have gotten to know each other pretty well! I think as a group, all the girls in it have been through highs and lows together so it was a great chance to get away from the city and hangout, relax, celebrate and catchup!

We stayed in the Hunter for two nights and went to various wineries and restaurants! I’m pretty sure all of us were looking forward to eating at Muse Restaurant after hearing from our friend Lily what a fantastic experience it was when she went last. The birthday girl lovvedd the food and we took quite a number of photos there before we left!

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